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Need to get out of any situation? This is the app for you.

The most foolproof method to get out of meetings, escape awkward
social situations or exit any situation, whenever you need to.

Comes loaded with 23 Hollywood-caliber "accomplices" to ensure your safe getaway
PLUS your very own Virtual Accomplice Recording Studio (VARS)
to record your own original accomplices!

iSoBusy enables you to schedule calls whenever you want using any of iSoBusy's 23 pre-recorded caller Accomplices who will actually speak to you when you pick up the call. You may also record up to 17 of your own original conversation/messages from customized Accomplices. Most importantly, use any Accomplice to call your iPhone whenever you need it most: to interrupt endless meetings, terminate unpleasant social situations, prematurely end boring conversations, etc.


Here are just a few of iSoBusy's pre-recorded Accomplices:

With iSoBusy, you'll:

iSoBusy's calls can be played on your iPhone's speaker so you can share with friends, colleagues, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, ex-spouses, future spouses, or the paparazzi.

With iSoBusy, it's like

iSoBusy is The Ultimate Social Repellant!